The Bear

by Ruff Majik

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The Bear is the first of a run of EP releases, each set to have their own style and feeling. The Bear was recorded specifically to get the rawest, most garage-esque sound possible, and mastered to perfection. Loaded with themes of witchcraft, struggle and slavery to the unconscious system, it is a new take on blues, and some would say a continuation thereof. It's heavy, and makes no excuses, yet soulful when it needs to be.


released October 31, 2015

Johni Holiday - Guitar tracking, Vocals, percussion
Jimi Glass - Bass tracking
Beni Manchino - Drum tracking, narrative, percussion
Dave V - Sound engineer, producer
Released in association with Bobbejaan Records



all rights reserved


Ruff Majik Pretoria, South Africa

Garage three piece from Pretoria, South Africa. Heavy and groovy.

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Track Name: Wolf Baby
Remember standing by the lake? I called out your name and then I saw your face.
I remember when I was child you were always nipping at my heels. You said I could have been a man but I never learned how to yield.
Call me what you want. Say just what you need. You said I couldn't be a man 'cause I'm down on my knees. god knows I stole your crown.
I remember when I was child. You were always poking at my back. You said I could have been a hunter but I left my gun on the track.
With a fist I broke your crown. With an axe I lay you down.
Track Name: Voodo's and don'ts
My baby floats too well. She must be under the devils' spell. She must be some kind of witch.
They come in, marching through the door. Pitchforks high in the air. They brought their torches with. They said: "You'll hang from your neck 'til you're dead. How could I have never seen what's been laying next to me. They must be wrong, I know it. But there she goes and shows it.
My baby hangs too well.
There, she's hanging from a tree. Rope where her necklace used to be. Still she's smiling at me. You can't keep no good woman down. You must be so proud of yourself. Look at this mess you got us into.
My baby floats too well. She must be straight from hell.
Track Name: Leaving Stockholm
I wake up. Pray for rain. But every day seems to end the same. It's bone dry. There's no mercy. No there ain't none of that put aside for me.
And you better believe that I got better rifles for my bitter rivals. And I chalked out a plan: tomorrow we take the sea, but today we take the land.
And she's crying all the goddamned time. She's got them tears in her eyes. She says: "Dear your symptoms are growing and the apathy's growing.
She said: "Where are you going? "Cause it's nowhere. No, you're not leaving.
Pray for rain.
And I have a hard time choosing the stone I like to hit my head on. But this one feels soft.
And I have a hard time choosing the cage that I like to call "home", now I'm leaving Stockholm. Yeah, I'm leaving.
Track Name: Double Deity
Sun escapes like sand. Dunes grow like towers to overshadow the land. The desert loves no man with a compass in hand. Walk until your feet can't.
Days roll by like waves, crashing against the shore. Bringing the dead and their ships straight to the door. The ocean loves no man with a paddle in hand.
Woken by the chill: bare knuckles against your skin. She's fit to kill, but she'll feed you when you're ill.
No god ever loved a man like a woman can.
Track Name: Diaboli Musica
Write my name on a stone if you're looking for home. The hand that writes will know just where the devil should go. Write my name on a tree if you're looking for me.
But don't you cry for me. 'Cause I wouldn't return the favour.
Slow roll, to the hill where I'm meant to be killed. And the angels sang that men like me would hang.
But don't you cry by the gallows. 'Cause I would not do you that favour.
Lower the casket down into God's forsaken ground. I'll escape on a chariot. I'll be homeward bound.
Track Name: Western Death Kvlt
He had a pair of legs. Don't know how fast they run. the devil couldn't catch him. Yeah he thought he'd won. No I could never shoot him down, put him in the ground. No I could never catch him. Then I shot his son.
Sitting behind the ribs of a sell, lord knows it's hell. But I done well. Some people call him a ghost. Others say he's a god. But ghosts don't bleed or cry. Until I shot his son.
Caught him in the middle of town when the clock struck 12. He said: "What the hell? Was you that shot my son.
I said: "I know too well" and "you best draw your gun".
Then I shot him dead. Just like I shot his son.